Most of River Congo Expeditions itineraries in D.R.Congo, are accommodations on a Full-Board (FB) basis in comfortable hotels and lodges. But camping in tents or staying in Guest Houses is also possible of course.

We provide transportation by Jeeps or Minibuses (4 wheel drive) which allows our visitors to see the very best of the country and wildlife.

Choosing your Safari

Deciding which safaris could suit you best can be difficult but we have provided you some out line information about Congo attractions, national parks, game reserve and sanctuaries, the lakes and rivers of Congo, hiking mountains and active volcanoes in Congo, discover the peoples of Congo...

All of our Tour Suggestions can be changed and we encourage you to do so. Tailor made travels are the travels we like to do best. Please contact us, we will be able to reflect to you our experience. (Please check our Tour Suggestions with Tour code)

On Safari with River Congo Expeditions

A Safari is always an adventure. An uncommon destination to discover in this part the world where you will enjoy experiencing animals in their natural habitat. Our favorites are the Mountain- and Lowland Gorillas, freely roaming lions, Okapis in their sanctuary, the list is to long. Congo: one of the best hidden secrets of Africa with the best spectacular sceneries...

Rich in birdlife and flora, pay a visit to the Mbuti tribes (Pygmies) in Ituri Forest! It will make a truly unforgettable experience.

Safari Vehicles and Drivers/Guides.

Our fleet of Safari vehicles is customized so that your comfort is not sacrificed in any way and suited to drive any Congo road in both the dry- and rain season.

Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable drivers/guides speak French and English, and are experienced persons trained in defensive driving and attended a four-wheel drive course in low range and self recovery. Your guide also has an extensive knowledge of the countries history and its treasures.

Gorilla Trackings Booking

It is advisable to reserve your guided Gorilla Tracking in time due to availability of permits. Contact us and we will arrange the permits for you.

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