Kanombe International Airport in Rwanda, and Entebbe International airport in Uganda are the International Airports which could be used for your arrival and departure, when you plan to visit the Mountain Gorillas or Goma. N’Djili in Kinshasa is the major international airport for the D.R.Congo. On the west coast, not far to the Atlantic Ocean, other small airports serve local flights as well as some continental flights to neighboring countries.

Several airlines operate in Congo especially to Kinshasa as well as the towns of Goma, Lubumbashi and Kisangani, including Brussels Airlines, Air France, African Airways, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian etc...


Visitors are very welcome in D.R. Congo, but you will need a valid passport. Citizens of certain countries need to obtain a visa when entering, but due to Tourism promotion, it is easier nowadays to get a Tourist Visa. Visa can not be obtained at any entry point, but if you booked a trip with us, we will help arrange the visa before your arrival, if there is no Diplomatic Mission in your country of origin.


A large part of the land averages 1,150 m (3,800 ft.) above sea level, while the highest peak is Mount Stanley in western Uganda with 5,109 m (16,700 ft.)


Congo is linked to the rest of the world by modern communication facilities. Both landlines and mobile telephone networks work very well.


Most major roads are tarmac, other roads are murram (gravel), but are no problem for the 4x4 vehicles we use.


The Congolese Franc is the currency used, but US Dollars are welcome in most parts of the country.

Credits cards such as American Express, Visa, Dinner club are accepted by some hotels and even tour companies.


At tourist places or attractions like National Parks etc. visitors are welcome to take pictures, advisable after consultations with your local guide. At military installations, airports, borders or other facilities for national security, you are not allowed to take any pictures.


Congo has ideal weather conditions, ranging from the warmth of the lowland area and lakes to the coolness of the highlands.

The rain season is between March and May and again from October to November.


When entering, Congo requires that you are vaccinated for Yellow Fever. Vaccination for malaria is advisable for tourist, just for your own health and safety.


It is possible to wear light summer clothing all year round, supplemented with something warm for rainy season. When you are planning to go to the mountains, we suggest having with you a sweater, trousers jeans or cotton’s material and very strong walking shoes.

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